Garbage Service for Unsheltered Neighbors

Clean Camp PDX provides regular garbage collection for people with no access to services like unhoused Portlanders, micro-villages, and other homeless service organizations.

We actively engage housed neighbors to support our efforts and unhoused community members managing the garbage container and the surrounding area.

While there are other organizations that provide supplies and organize clean ups. Clean Camp PDX proactively provides containers to collect all trash before it piles up.

We believe in collaboration with our unhoused neighbors is a key ingredient to improving their lives while keeping our streets and natural areas clean.

Who We Are

We started Clean Camp PDX in July 2021 with three pilot locations. The initial aim was to see if by simply providing a container to deposit garbage in would result in less trash on the sidewalks and streets. To no surprise, our unhoused neighbors not only kept the areas clear, but also significantly decrease the number of rodents.

So, in the fall of 2021 we started expanding Clean Camp to more sites.


We are always looking for sites that could benefit from our program. If you or your organization want to propose a specific location for new Clean Camp PDX garbage service site, please contact us with details.